Inflation ( CCPI)1.5% (Oct 2023)
GDP-3.1% (2Q 2023)
Unemployment5.2% (2Q 2023)
3M T-Bill Rate15.29%
12M T-Bill Rate12.94%
2Y T-Bond Rate14.45%/ 14.50%
4Y T-Bond Rate14.70% / 14.80%
Reserves $3.56Bn (Oct 2023)
Cum. Trade Deficit $3,307 Mn (Sep 2023 cumulative)
Cum. Fiscal DeficitLKR 1,614 Bn (Sep 2023)

Mixed Signals from Public on the next move of LKR

Opinion pollsMar 4, 2023
Mixed Signals from Public on the next move of LKR

Sri Lanka Rupee advanced from 361 to 335 over time. CBSL allowed its middle rate to fall from 361 (28th Feb) to 358, 353 (1st & 2 March) and spread the band from 5.00 to 7.5 and later to 10.00.

As per the poll carried out last night, it is witnessed that 65% of the public expects USD/LKR to be between 300 to 340.

About 38% of the general public as well as capital market participants expect it to be settled between 300 to 320 by end of March.

16% believe it will fall below 300 and 19% expect it to bounce back to about 340.

More interestingly a less percentage (5%) of capital market participants expect Rupee will gain beyond Rs. 300.


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